July 12, 2024

Love Obviously

Violets are blue, Roses are red, The alphabet runs from A to Zed.   I’m not gonna Write you a love song, Because you think That you deserve one;   I’m not gonna compare you […]

Part V from “A, Obvious”

A5: we’re old now, babe. we got gray in our chests hearts that beat a little slower because of the nicotine it’s not the time to jump on the Eggplant Express just yet we can […]

Part IV from “A, Obvious”

A4: we present heart honest-to-god-soul and it’s in there, ask Justin we used to stand out on the patio-deck of his tree-house and scream into the night we were just a lonely pair looking for […]

Part III from “A, Obvious”

A3: the flop was garbage absolute garbage calling on the prospect of a fold before even looking I can only trade the farm if my heart feels any inkling of escape there’s nothing left to […]

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