June 13, 2024

Part II from “A, Obvious”

A2: the 1st fiance challenge involves a pistol call it what you will it’s a sign that as the hammer falls life has turned a corner.

Part 1 from “A, Obvious”

A1: settlements are always satisfaction even when loss is evident here on the sofa the floor covered in a thin, fine layer of dust life reminds me of all the other dusts the bugs accumulating […]

A Writer’s Education

There is so much “advice” out there for aspiring writers that it can be difficult to separate what is useful from what is not. Typically, published authors who have experienced a great level of success […]

Diary of a Novelist – Editing

“Writing is re-writing” – this is the mantra of all creative writing teachers and workshop leaders. The theory is that lots of people can write a story, but only a select few can hone it […]

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