July 12, 2024

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

By Catherine Sawers



I think it’s about time

I finally talk about my friend

whom more than a year ago

I feel like I left for dead

it doesn’t matter that we lost touch

in our godawful twenties

if I had my druthers

we’d still be playing Barbies

and buying up blocks of tenements

to erect on Baltic and Atlantic

and writing secret notes in class

about how our teacher looks satanic

you were my ally

in the face of all those phonies

you always stuck by me

even when I was out of the country

now that I can’t call or write

instead I have vivid dreams

where we’re on fantastic adventures

or being feted like exalted queens

we’re always living high and having fun

like the dreams we had as young girls

I don’t see why you shouldn’t live so grand

just because you are in a different world

2 Comments on Friends Forever

  1. I am now a big fan and will be an even bigger one when I get back from work and read the rest of your stuff.

  2. Your comments come at the best possible time, just as I send a poetry submission to a newspaper’s call for poems. It is certainly a good omen!

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