July 12, 2024

True Form

I saw her again, last night,

As I slept.

Unlike any time before


In all previous visits —

She annexed my mind with incomparable beauty,

Yet completely unattainable to me.


This time, however, she was atrocious.

Yellowed eyes, blackened teeth, scaled skin,

Patches of dead, colorless hair strewn across a mangy scalp.

Her body;

Entirely emaciated,

As if it had been used; drained of all of its worthy contents.


The most horrid detail —

Of her appearance this time,

Was that her face wore an expression of seduction.

Her tar-toned teeth

Made visible in a playful smirk

As she gingerly bit the right side of her bottom lip

Her hallowed, yellowed eyes

Beaded toward me, tinged with desire.


Yes, unlike every dream had prior

In this one I had her

Attained; all mine


This would be the only way–

I could have her again.

After she’s defected herself,

Without and within.

When no one would claim her,

And she claims me.

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