September 22, 2023

Parallel Universe – A response to the filmmaking process by fine artist Sharon Drew

Parallel Universe

I sit on my studio chair surrounded by my paintings.  Paints mixed, brushes stand on end, blank canvas waiting in the wings


“That blue is different and you’ve moved that brush!”  Someone reprimands me.  Startled I look up and realise what I have done


Sets get dressed, sound gets checked, lights get set.  Actors learn lines made up


Day becomes night, late afternoon and lunch is served, night becomes day


Lap-tops flicker.  A pathway is formed through the baggage, bodies drape furniture


A hushed crew focuses on their part of the story


Camera rolling … magic could happen


“Talk about art imitating life” comments Foxie


It’s a wrap.  Last train home … again.  Why are the streets so empty?


“Welcome to Barryworld” says Barry

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