September 22, 2023

Top Travel Blogs UK – a bit of summer reading

So summer’s been cancelled this year? Or maybe it’s just very late. Either way there’s no reason we can’t dream of places where the sky isn’t grey and clouds don’t coat everything in that unpleasant wet stuff that seems to have fallen non-stop since March. Here are a few of our current favourite UK travel blog reads. Here’s hoping they lift your spirits and help you forget the fact you had to light a fire to keep warm last night. In July.

Dani Stein – Lanzarote based. Great photographs, especially of a recent trip to Nepal

Johnny Vagabond Р travelling the world Рwith meals like rat soup in his sights.

Heather on her travels – a biggie, but full of information.

Emma’s house in Portugal – living the dream in the sun. She’s just started the summer Vinho tasting.

Going Underground – fun blog about travelling round London.


If those don’t get you down to the travel agent soon then nothing will. Bon voyage!


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