February 24, 2024

Artists: Fifty reasons why you’re mad if you’re not on Twitter

You probably are on Twitter, but just in case you’re not, here are 50 reasons why you should be. If you’re just joining up why not follow @flaneurzine . Unnamed sources say that it is the ‘best account to follow on Twitter.’ So you’re an artist and you want to be persuaded to join Twitter?


  1. It’s where potential collectors are hanging out.
  2. You can build a group of people who like your work.
  3. Find interesting daily Twitter novels like @whodunit140
  4. You can tweet about your shows to your followers
  5. Followers will retweet your shows to their followers
  6. More visitors to your real-world exhibitions
  7. Experience other lives in real-time
  8. You only have to tweet 140 characters.
  9. You don’t need to be super-interesting.
  10. Comments are inspiring.
  11. Put up a picture of your latest work and get an immediate crit.
  12. See what other artists are doing.
  13. Follow other artists and see how they spend their days.
  14. Find special offers from art supply shops.
  15. Find new calls for artists
  16. Find new exhibition opportunities.
  17. Find service providers that you need.
  18. Start a relationship with new people
  19. Build relationships so people know you and your work.
  20. Establish yourself as an expert
  21. Advise other artists
  22. Answer questions online.
  23. Ask questions
  24. Become part of the Twitter art community.
  25. Find out what’s really happening in the art world.
  26. Find out what celebrities had for breakfast (and use the information in your work…)
  27. Find new collectors and art lovers
  28. Sell more work
  29. Find grants
  30. Find new ideas
  31. Interact with experts
  32. Reply to critics
  33. Connect with art magazines and editors
  34. Get commissions
  35. Hear the latest art gossip
  36. Make up the latest art gossip
  37. Keep up with the latest trends – OK, not so important in oil painting, but good for digital creatives.
  38. Get immediate help when your computer plays up
  39. Avoid artists’ block by tweeting for help
  40. Join protests. So much easier than going on marches.
  41. Feel warm inside by sharing your knowledge
  42. Get more visitors to your website
  43. Sell more work from your website
  44. Start your own hashtag
  45. Become an art superstar
  46. Discover other artists in your area.
  47. Discover artists you need to see
  48. Spread your philosophy of art and see who’s in
  49. Start discussions
  50. Get crowd-sourced answers to those tricky life questions.

So there. Fifty reasons why you should be on Twitter.

Thank you and good night.


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