June 22, 2024

Twitter novel @whodunit140 – comedy murder mystery

Twitter novels are one of the greatest literary inventions of the 21st century. Following in the footsteps of Dickens, writing novels in instalments has returned to the literary scene. But rather than charging a shilling for the next instalment of The PIckwick Papers, one of the new breed of novel is offered completely free every day. Follow @whodunit140 and enjoy the best comedy murder mystery novel on Twitter.

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@whodunit140 has reached its 100th episode and is part of an exciting new literary experiment. Please support this endeavour by following @whodunit140 on Twitter.

2 Comments on Twitter novel @whodunit140 – comedy murder mystery

  1. I was very intrigued by the prospect of a new art form and directly opened the link. I ended up being so disappointed. A sentence a day is just too fragmented, disjointed and all around poor. Pretty boring also. Perhaps a paragraph would work better. Imagine if i was sending all this a sentence at a time. Too demanding of a reader to follow a snippet daily.

  2. Fair comment. At the moment it fits in the Twitter 160 character limit, but something longer would be easier to follow amongst the other tweets. #GettingToGripsWithNewTechnology

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